Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Opportunities round-up

A mixed bag this latest round-up - with opportunities gleaned mainly from other blogs & padded out with whatever arrived in my inbox since last time. There don't seem to be any new, local scriptwriting initiatives at present - but come back soon for updates. There's still plenty of time to prepare proposals for many of the local broadcaster's drama commissioning briefs which can be downloaded from the website here.

I'm highlighting one FREE scriptwriting competition. (There is a comprehensive list of fee-charging script contests at moviebytes.com) Kaos films in the UK are running an international short film scriptwriting contest for which there is a fee. However they also advertise an open call for ideas for hi-concept feature scripts. For those with their eyes on Hollywood, the rules are available
here - read them carefully as they are very specific about the information they want to see.

And for those who have a killer pitch for the next blockbuster why not try the professional Hollywood 'pitchmeister'
here? The website makes interesting reading - even if you haven't got round to writing the script just yet - hey maybe you can go and sell the idea first? On closer inspection, it seems that you have to purchase a 'how to' CD rom for $20 before you can pitch - maybe not so good after all.

For independent filmmakers and scriptwriters with less mainstream, more arthouse scripts, it is worthwhile considering the
Mannheim Meetings. The submission deadline is somewhere around the end of July for meetings in Germany in October. The Mannheim Meetings can provide an invaluable opportunity to further projects at all stages of development - attract producers and even development/production finance. Pre-selected projects are published in a catalogue circulated to all the industry attendees. Further information is available on their website here.

Another avenue for scripts/projects (that have already reached a certain stage of development) is the World Cinema Fund. Information is available
here - applicants do need a German partner but the WCF co-ordinators can help - if they are attracted to a particular script. Worth visiting the site just to download their rather lush brochure.

A similar fund targeted at filmmakers in 'developing countries' is attached to the Goteburg Film Festival. Information is available
here. Small amounts of seed finance for development are available. The next deadline is October 1st 2007.

The wonderful Lianne over at Light and Shade has just alerted me to the upcoming Africa in Motion film festival in Edinburgh. There is a call for 'emerging African filmmakers' to submit short fiction films or documentaries. Deadline is 31st May 2007. Keep an eye on their website!


This year's All Roads Film Festival have just put out a call specifically for African films. "As the May 15th submissions deadline approaches, we are stepping-up our outreach to filmmakers, distributors and producers." For further information click on the link here: All Roads Film Festival

Finally for playwrights, iceandfire and Amnesty International UK announce the first ‘Protect the Human’ playwriting competition "exploring individual stories of displacement and conflict." The deadline is May 14th 2007 and it does appear to be open to international applicants. The information is available here - read it carefully since they are quite specific about what they want and how to apply.

That's it for now. To catch up on previous updates, click on the 'opportunities' label in the sidebar. Anything I may have missed, email me at the address in my profile and I'll add it.


Lianne said...

Hi there far away, spotted this call for films today, might be appropriate for your opportunities round-up: http://www.africa-in-motion.org.uk/

far away said...

That's great Lianne - it's gone up!

potdoll said...

sorry my lovely but you've been tagged. x