Friday, March 16, 2007

In between

Yeah well for a little while longer we're still between eclipses and no doubt everything will calm down and go back to normal after Sunday's (which is about beginnings). The last one March 3rd was about endings - resoundingly so (work-wise) for me it turned out - doors slamming shut.. But scriptwriters are the authors of our own fate are we not?

Spent much of today hiding from the phone. Avoidance. I'm really not that interested in burns or God. Sorry..

Then the lady next door (aged 82) came round this afternoon to yak mainly about the woman opposite and how she's coping after burying her husband on Tuesday and how it'll all hit her hard in a week or two and how - isn't it odd that - all of a sudden - only one of the two creeping purple blooms in her front garden is flowering now?

I look across and it's true.

So yes I suppose it is.


Pillock said...

Sounds great. Hope you keep the chronology in order.

Pillock said...

Oops, I meant to put this comment in the post above.