Thursday, March 22, 2007


Been emailing thoughts about the new project with 'friend-in-scripts' who, having read everything I've ever written, possesses an unerring ability to 'distil inner coherence'. (Ha!)

And so yesterday I was all fired up to hit the keyboard at 8a.m. Except that it was a public holiday here - Human Rights Day and my daughter was at home all day. Plus it was Wednesday which means my mum came round at 10.30am to watch the programme on schools TV - episode 9. Then hub wanted to see some 'Duggin-Cronin and Madela' photo exhibition in the Castle. So off we went. Then on to drink strawberry juice and eat chips at News Cafe - and so I endured the prolonged lull from writing by pitching the new idea to my mum.
"Fantastic" was her verdict. "But be careful."

And she rubbed her nose mysteriously.

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