Thursday, March 22, 2007


Another day, another way to procrastinate. Here you can create a scriptcloud (for no obvious reason - and that's good enough for me.) Have a look at potdoll's. Below is one of mine - not naughty at all is it?

arms belongings bends biscuits buses canteen caravan colour countryside daughters depot doorway draws drives falls foreman furiously gathers gazes glances greet grey grins horn hush kisses laughs leaps love mum nasty nods pauses peers photographs picks playground pretend pulls quiff reads registrar roadside satchel scowls shakes shocked shouts shuts sits slams smiles sob squeal stare stops strides sucks tea teacher throws thumb tries whispers


potdoll said...

I am shocked and sickened you used the suck word.


Pillock said...

Funny how these scriptclouds seem to convey a bit of tone. Is is a fair reflection?

far away said...


mmm.... maybe a hint. But as for story it conveys about as much as alphabetti spaghetti