Thursday, March 01, 2007

Five things..

Ok taking a cue from this guy - here's five things you didn't know about me - only one is false - but which one?
I'm narrowing it down to places I've lived..

1. I once lived in a council house and went to a private [fee-paying] school at the same time.
2. I once lived in a squat that was a former embassy.
3. I once lived in a house with servants.
4. I once lived in a house where you couldn't go into the front room because the floor had
caved in.
5. I once lived in a caravan and didn't go to school because it was too far.


Pillock said...

I think it's the embassy squat.

far away said...

why was that so easy then P? I'm obviously no good at this game!

wcdixon said...

This guy? Well, there's an unresounding endorsement if I've ever heard one.

Anything with the word 'squat' in it sounds suspicious...just the way it is.

far away said...

no offence WCD - you look like you don't really want anyone to see you in that photo anyway...

- probably true about 'squat'