Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So what happen people? I miss scribomatic's 'recent-blog-post' scroller page as I don't have bloglines or any other of these fancy alerts and never know now when you've updated. Just to have to wing it - is anything else any good?

Producers sent me an encouraging 'keep going' email. Shame I had to quickly tell them that my word count on the redraft is still 0 and that I'm busy drawing instead. Ha! Actually I'm now thinking of converting the 10x10 re-write into a 20 x 5 - not exactly impossible is it? 20 pages per day for 5 days and just write like a blazing comet without bothering to get dressed, washed eat or anything..Hmmm, but do I really want to? Let's see.

What else? Builders in this morning - so all go right now - they just pulled down the garden fence.

Drawing is doing just fine - here's a tiny corner - washing on the line. A gentle breeze. Can you feel it?


Helen Smith said...

The breeze is very soothing.

Keep going, indeed.

potdoll said...

I envy that washing. looks so carefree and happy.

5x20 sounds much better than 10x10.

Far Away said...

Ta Helen, Pot.

Yes 5x20 does sound better - shorter anyway.

But since you only really need 90 pages, I could even try a 18x5 or 15x6..

Andy Phillips said...

Love your lines.

Andy Coughlan said...


The recent blog posts thing is back on Scribomatic - I had some database corruption over the weekend which took a little untangling and messed up a few things.

Sorry for the confusion,


Far Away said...

Brilliant ta Andy!

and t'other Andy