Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This pen-ultimate post will be a bit of a ramble - rather like that path up the mountain I drew. Last weekend went up Table mountain for the first time. The cable car was terrifying - packed with passengers steadying themselves on a floor which revolves 360ยบ as it ascends. Up top, the rocky plateau teems with tourists brandishing cameras, standing here, there and everywhere, side-stepping along paths, some even clambering up on to rocks in tiny stilettos to pose holding up the sky. Grey-green lizards stare back from under every rock. Amazing view - when there's a quiet spot.

Been thinking about the script that I'm supposed to be re-writing and concluded that I'd better pursue it willingly and well later (when re-enthused) rather than rush and phone it in now. I rarely lose enthusiasm writing/ re-writing my own specs. (Think you're a bit like that too Pot?) So there you go.

A tangent now. Once when I was being interviewed to get into film school, the interviewers (tutors) handed me a pair of spectacles across the table and asked me to tell them about the owner. I held them in my hand, then up to my eyes - they were too small. I started talking; "Well he has a thin head. Dandruff." They smiled. "He doesn't care too much about his appearance but probably thinks he's rather stylish." They laughed. I carried on; "He wears these for driving." They grew silent. "He keeps them in his car - in fact the glasses match the inside of the car - the tortoise shell, matches the dash board." The listeners shifted uncomfortably as I continued to babble. Then I looked up at one of them and realised he was the person I was talking about. And I stopped.

Blogging is turning out a bit like that interview - which is probably the real reason I'm stopping. Words are power. At the end of the day - maybe better to channel intuition into scripts, films and art rather than unleash it untamed into the scribosphere. Oh but I'm glad I did.

One post left.



potdoll said...

Yeah, I am a bit like that too. Wonder why?

Oh... you know how impressionable I am. Now I think I'm describing peoples glasses too, and they're in the room.

Rach said...

Just realised what's happening cos been out of things for a bit. Why are you stopping the blog. I love your mix of writing and art and fantasy and stuff.

Please don't stop.

Lara said...

Lol Pots. You guys, honestly! xxx

Far Away said...

silly Pot! Dunno - maybe its a mindset

Yes Rach got to go.

;) Lara

Andy Phillips said...