Wednesday, October 15, 2008





potdoll said...

oh my GOD! that's too weird!

Far Away said...


Mind you it seems like its been round for a while ..

potdoll said...

still a bit freaky though.

Paul Campbell said...

OK, so I'm going to be very sad.

You can't really see it from space.

Most of the Google images are taken from planes, not from satellites.

If you pop along to that particular spot on Google Earth (yes, I did - told you I was sad), you can't see that it's rabbit-shaped until you bring the resolution down to the equivalent of about 3 kms up.

Still, it's a big rabbit. And it's very pink.

Far Away said...

Hi Paul!

always good to have some reason on here :)

I might take a look

3kms - is that not high - how high does space start then?

Far Away said...

OK so about 97kms out then

see said...