Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Was told that my re-beated sheets are 80% 'there'. Hmm. This must be the most arduous and rigorous script re-writing process I've ever been through. First the treatment - which was re-drafted to 17 pages, and finally moved on to script, then script notes and notes back and forth then 10 pages of re-arcing, then more notes resulting in a near spat, then the new re-beats - and all before I've even moved on to 2nd draft. Maybe it's a good learning curve or summat but quite frankly - I think if the results aren't spectacular, I won't be going this route again. I reckon 90- 95% 'there' would be fine. After all you need to cut some slack to allow the magic to happen..

In the meantime, happily cracking on with drawing - down the art shop every morning for more glorious pastels. Banana, ultramarine and peach today. A box of 15 different shades of grey yesterday. (Imagine trying to put 15 different shades of grey into a script - well actually probably not that hard - ha ha ha ha) So am eating up colour right now. Relatives and neighbours keep coming through to take a look; 'Oooh can you do me one with ostriches, please?'

What else? (other than chaos in the whole wide world.) Bought a lovely pair of earrings for my mum's birthday yesterday - mmm wanted to keep them. Still eager to take the first swim of the season. The pool's been open since October 1st, but still a bit too ice, icy cool to take the plunge just yet.

Hope you're well. Stop by.


Lara said...

Banana, ultramarine and peach - mmmm, yummy. Sounds like a delicious dessert! I'll have some of that!

Sounds as though the development is painstaking - but it will all be worth it, FA!

BTW, do you have that link to the writer astrology (or something similar)? Pots was telling me about it...x

Here's TJM's link under here I think said...

Let's hope so Lara

Lara said...

Wicked, thanks! Let's hope that one comes up trumps!! xxx

potdoll said...

So you mean you wrote a first draft, then wrote a beat sheet to show the new arc? and you've been having notes and discussions on that, before you move onto your second draft?

god it's such hard work. you sound so happy when you talk about your artwork though. that's good.

Far Away said...

Indeed, it is hard work Pot.
Much prefer going my own way but...lights are all green already on this one (so they say)

Drawing is fresh air!

Elinor said...

Are you posting a pic of the pic soon?

potdoll said...

ooh, green lights! wonderful. The one in your drawing!

Far Away said...

El, when I've finished it I think now .. Nearly there. By the weekend.

Pot that one's on amber now