Saturday, August 23, 2008


So quiet on the blogs now - can hear a pin drop.

Took my daughter to see the two big early Summer kids films here; Kung Fu Panda- on a promise for the last month and WALL-E.

Kung Fu was fun. I probably guffawed the loudest in the cinema, a couple of times - though I can't remember why now. Plus it did have some story in there and a nice panda. WALL-E on the other hand I was reluctant to watch - having seen the poster on buses - and not being particularly excited by the title. The positives of the film kind of passed me by. Where was the story? The WALL-E robot itself looks so awful - unappetising and just yuk - I know that's maybe supposed to be the point. Little Robots are much more pleasing to look at. I hated all the sludge and rust and garbage - the monotonous mulchy browns were relentless. Felt like staring for ages at those blodgy groups of circles that test colour blindness. I couldn't have cared less about Ev-A either - maybe my age. Do folk really have emotional attachment for shiny, white wifi i-gadgets? Maybe I'm missing something. I like my tech gizmos as much as the next writer but I practise tough love. The obese 'big-Mac' people brought the film's only touch of genius - but without real story, even they were wasted.

I think I'll catch some grownup films next week.

What else? Was going to talk about rugby. SA loves sport and rugby in particular. Massive, massive, massive here. Last weekend had to navigate the hordes arriving at Newlands (not so far down the road.) I can't say I've a clue about the game - all the scrumming and scrunching - what's all that all about? - but hey I do love a haka…

So what's on your mind then hmm?


Rach said...

But what about the cockroach. Didn't you shout "don't leave the cockroach"?

Far Away said...

ha Rach!
Yuck no I absolutely didn't!! Did you?

My daughter loved the cockroach.

Rach said...

Cockroach was my favourite bit. Kids cringed while I bounced up and down going Noooooo!

OK maybe it was watching them squirm with embarrassment that made it really fun.

Dancing down the isles at the supermarket has a similar effect and makes the shopping a lot more fun.