Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Call for submissions

'you don't have a self unless you have a secret, and we all have moments throughout our lives when we feel we're losing ourselves in our social group, or work or marriage, and it feels good to grab for a secret, or some subterfuge, to reassert our identity as somebody apart.' Dr Daniel M. Wegner

Encounters in partnership with the SABC and the Jan Vrijman Fund call for submissions for AFRICA SHORTS 2009

Following on the success of the first Africa Shorts workshop and productions launched at Encounters this year, Encounters, SABC and the Jan Vrijman Fund are running a 4-day storytelling and production workshop this year.

Five filmmakers from Southern and East Africa will be selected upon the basis of their proposals for a short film (of up to 12 minutes duration) on the subject of Secret Lives.

Deadline for Submission: Friday 19 September 2008

Entries should consist of no more than: i) 2-page synopsis (in English) ii) 2-page biography of the filmmaker with references iii) DVD copies of previous films iv) All contact details

All entries should be sent by email to: project "at"

Info is also available here - but still to be updated.


Helen Smith said...

Goodness. That 'secret' quote has struck a chord with me. I think when you are writing something you need to keep it close rather than talking about it so you keep being interested in it. If it becomes more interesting to talk about it than to write it, you're in trouble.

But when you have a blog, you have no secrets.

Aw. The word verification is pigzll. I know what they mean.

Far Away said...

It is a compelling quote Helen - isn't it?

Even with a blog, there's always the bit (of the story) you hold back on and don't tell - even in comments (ha!)

I worry about blog karma sometimes. But since you proposed 'the wishing well' scenario, I realise it can work both ways...