Sunday, August 17, 2008


Maybe there are a couple of you out there who are wondering why I haven't posted my 'messages from the other side' wooooooooooooooooo video yet. Believe me I did try.

You see the cell camera (that has everything uploaded for easy xfer to PC) is in PE so I thought what the hell - I'll do it all on web cam. So I readied myself with my bundu mask on my desk. All I had to do was right click 'record' & slip the mask over my head. (It is so important to look the part as Helen probably knows…)

The eye-slits are where the cheeks are - so basically I can't see out at all. And it's hot and kind of spooky (in an ancestral way - in fact there are all these muffled echoes). So I do it, but afterwards the mask wont budge. It's stuck on my head. I'm all stuffy and thinking 'shit' and trying to yank it off.. So then I calm down, calm down. And think well hub is miles away in PE - so he can't help. I can't actually see out to try and use the telephone and call anyone useful. But then aha! I can hear the old lady next door out in the garden scolding her dogs. She's rarely unnerved. So I feel my way over to the back door - but our chow suddenly goes crazy growling at me. I think maybe I should run over quick and tell the neighbour - but the dog is so feral, I retreat. I even consider a walk to the 7-11 looking like a slithy tove..

Then I think 'if it came on, it must come off', so I lie horizontal across the bed, with head & mask hanging over the edge and pull it manically until it shifts slightly and soon - fresh air - I'm out!

Now the video can wait.. Ahem.

Next week rewrites.


Helen Smith said...

Oh. My. Goodness. What a dreadful experience - yet so funny xx

Far Away said...

and all your fault ;)

potdoll said...

Oh god that made me laff :)

also made me feel really claustrophobic.