Thursday, August 21, 2008


Eish this re-write is proving tougher than an old, narky, meatless bone. I can't even bear to look back at the last few posts to see how long I've been supposed to be tackling it. Not dropping yet. But it will. It will. There are the rangy editor's notes - which are interesting but very broad based. Then there's the predilection for flashback to accommodate - that I don't think will work. I'm still waiting for that 'zen moment'. So I've been walking and dancing a bit.

I even wondered whether taking out the script fastener and tossing the entire script up in the air (like in Alice in Wonderland) then re-assembling it in a random fashion might lend perspective..

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Tssk - you can see why I wouldn't really make a good teacher huh? Too anarchic maybe. I did some scriptwriting teaching here once and asked all the students to come up with pictograms for their current scripts, And then they each had to get up and draw them out on the board. One drew a large penis - of course.



Helen Smith said...

Maybe if you put that mask back on it might help?

Far Away said...

Helen, that may be true but I think you are trying to provoke me.

Actually if I could shrink my head about half a centimetre all round, then I'd have another go...