Thursday, August 07, 2008


Update: I've been letting both scripts simmer on the front burner. So it's been more about absorbing and responding to feedback and having discussions towards the next draft and thinking and drinking lots of tea. There's a great post from Danny here 'writing wrongs' which deals with the writer's role in rewriting. (Yeah I know you've all read it but maybe there's someone out there who hasn't)

There's now the possibility of an absolutely sizzling film project which I'm very excited about and definitely want to be involved in. Ok powers that be - make it happen!

On other fronts - attended a Film Finance seminar the other evening - organised by WIFT and the Cape Film Commission. This provided a case study for financing a low budget R6mil local feature film (not a co-prod) under the revised film and television production incentive.

Speakers Nadia Surjee and Karin Liebenberg from the DTI provided an overview of how they process projects of this budget and how the new tax rebate works.
Basil Ford from the IDC then gave a detailed overview of the IDC's equity funding and the instruments he is currently developing to accommodate the changes that the new incentive is bringing about with regard to cash-flowing the rebate. With the incentive likely generating a greater spread of risk and therefore more lower budget local films being financed, there will also be a requirement for 'shepherding' newer and inexperienced companies.
Kethiwe Ngcobo from SABC drama then outlined the broadcaster's plans for a new film fund which is now in the 'implementation cycle' with a potential spend of between R20-40mil by 09. She mentioned plans to accommodate films with a range of budgets. She also pointed out the challenges facing the SABC (being a government backed, commissioner of content) as it establishes ways of working with other local financiers.
Next up producer Paul Raleigh from Film Finances together with colleague attorney Guy MacLeod presented an overview of their new initiative 'PAL' established to employ their experience to shepherd young, new and HDI companies through film financing. PAL will look at projects at script stage.

Well that turned into a long one.

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