Tuesday, August 26, 2008


'... can't sleep at night, no peace of mind, can't close my eyes.'
Charles Burnett: Killer of Sheep

Love both the way Stan delivers that line and the film. Think it was recently brought out again - with improved soundtrack

Seem to be suffering from a rare bout of insomnia at the moment - resting but not sleeping for about 5 nights in a row, now. Taking valerian . The mind gets jumpy. Words fall out of the sky. Silvery. The blog gets weird. Need proper kip. Dark new moon looms. Have to whisper. Make a wish.


potdoll said...

the gods won't let you sleep for a reason. listen to them.

Far Away said...

think you're right there Pot.

Thought maybe I shouldn't have fooled around with that mask.

But there was a massive rainbow right over the mountain this morning - so something's brewing.....

potdoll said...

I can see it from here. Follow it!

Far Away said...

glad you could see it too Pot. Thought I was going a bit bonkers.

Maybe I'll re-launch this as a recipe blog..