Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Untold Stories MTV

Aspirant writers are being invited to write an ending to one of three short stories that will raise awareness about HIV/Aids and be turned into a short film for MTV.

The Untold Stories competition is part of MTV's Staying Alive Campaign, in partnership with the MySpace social network website.

"MTV has just launched a groundbreaking competition called Untold Stories, with a chance to not only get on MTV, but also win a trip to India," says Janet Feldman, founder and director of the Kenya Aids Prevention Project Group (KAIPPG), which has given its full support to the competition.

The three short stories are written by well known personalities, such as writer Gautam Malkani who wrote Londonstani, writer Emma Gold who wrote Easy and actor Jimmy Jean Louis, star of the TV series, Heroes.

Stories convey a specific message

"The stories each convey a specific awareness message and have been purposely left unfinished, leaving you to decide how they end," says Feldman.

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